“CHARGERS 3×3 Basketball Tournament by Jaamers sports, under Dubai Police Positive spirit will culminate with top 2 teams vying it out for the bragging rights to be crowned the 3 x 3 kings of the court.

The 3×3 format injects a new dimension of excitement into basketball. Teams battle it out on a half-court, with three players per side, creating a high-octane, end-to-end frenzy of quick passes and slick dribbles. It’s a game where every possession counts, and the pace never lets up. This is set to be an event of epic proportions, promising a whirlwind of intense competition, dazzling skills, and nail-biting moments.

CAHRGERS 3×3 3 Weeks in 5 Min

Week 1 ;  Introduced the roster of 20 teams, on what was supposed to be reunion of sorts for the DXB CHARGERS which invited, friends and foes alike now became TEAMS contending to test their mettle and see if they got what it takes to be in Fast-paced game such as the 3 on 3. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, expect a showcase of talent, determination, and sheer basketball brilliance. With only one crown up for grabs, the competition promises to be fierce and unforgettable.

With the entry of Perennial Powerhouses and pre-tournament favorites, AL TAWUUN of Sir Elnick Amarilla VANGUARDS of Ryan Baglayos, GSQUAD of Moulic Fabricante, MAMITA & THIRDIE GENERATION of Mr. Jr. Moreno and of course the sister teams OLD SCHOOL & DABARKADS BAR of Arnel “Asiong” Fernandez, and was suppose to be a walk in the park, unfortunately, despite the expectations, Half of the favorites succumbed to the high paced game.

As the tournament progresses into the second round, the stakes get higher, and the pressure intensifies as the first Batch of teams will get eliminated. The knockout rounds proved too much for newcomers, CLASSIC STEADY, Team 105, and both our Tatto Artists in BORDADO and TINTA ni JUAN, and PINAS AUTO REPAIR SERVICES. Bouncing Back from the first-round heartbreaking loss are Teams, LAPU LAPU, COLLAGE FACTORY, and as expected, Teams AL TAWUUN, DABARKADS BAR & OLDSCHOOL they overcame their assignments but not without heart-stopping drama and unforgettable moments. In contrast 3RDIE GENERATION, G SQUAD & VANGUARDS, true to the hype, continued their dominance, but Jeff Ocampo led JAAMERS’ team and Carl Tecson’s TAKUZA, were the surprise of the day, though closely fought, they still came out victorious.

Losers of the winner’s bracket will now join the winners of the loser’s bracket and fight for their lives. And fight they will as the third round will be more fast paced as teams are now adapting to the 3 x 3 style of basketball and above that, teams may have to play up to 3 different games in order to qualify to the next round. Lucky is the team who will remain undefeated after this gruesome test of stamina and focus as he will comfortably wait as the teams fight to win the title.  With each game, the pool of contenders narrows until only the most determined, the most skilled, and the most resilient remain.

THIRDIE GENERATION came out swinging ( Literally ) and came out on top of the winners bracket, thus sitting on the throne awaiting its opponent who still have to go another toe to toe hard court battle.

The 3 – 10 minute game proved to be the final test and only the strong survived, Leading the pack were the newcomers COLLAGE FACTORY, Led By Floren Jason, surprised the best of the best, crawling their way out from the first day defeat to rank no.1.  in the closing rounds and raised elbows as they fought thru every round, defeating Title contenders, MAMITA, GSQUAD, and TAKUSA  and will now face off with OLDSCHOOL and will have their composure tested as they will face off with the Sakuragi of Dubai, Mr. Rommel Caberte, and Mr. Basketball himself Mr. Ron Sanchez

On the other pairing, Moulic Fabricante and his cohorts, will be facing off with former Palarong Pambansa stand out Payoyo Led and black Mamba himself, Mike Almonte of Dabarkads Bar whose average age of 45 years old with the addition of Mr. Legend Himself… Tatay Pore as we call him. Might be a walk in the park but this Oldies means Business.  Wont bet against them.   Either way, it will be a fight to the finish.

The tournament isn’t just about the games; it’s an experience. The crowd’s roar, the cheers, the suspense, and the elation—all contribute to an electric atmosphere that will have spectators on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or just in it for the excitement, this event promises something for everyone. Above all It’s about uniting the community in a shared passion for basketball.

My bet is as good as yours……. Everyone will be at the edge of their seat and when the dust settles, we all will be a community, binded by the the love of the Game.